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How Do You Know Your ELFBAR Is Real? 3 Steps To Know.

Are you a vape use elf bar vape? Elfbar is popular all over the world with big Puffs and authentic flavours. Unfortunately, fake Elf Ell pubs flooded the market as the population grew. And many smokers have adverse reactions to fake products. As a responsible e-cigarette user, how do you know if your ELFBAR is real?

In this blog, ELFBAR Australia will teach you three easy ways to check if your Elf Bar vape is genuine and help you avoid buying counterfeit products that can put your health at risk. So sit back, relax, and read on to learn more about keeping yourself safe while enjoying your favourite past times!

How to check if your Elf Bar is genuine?

There are three ways to check if your Elf Bar is genuine. This applies to all Elf Bar models. Let’s briefly understand the anti-counterfeiting design of ELFBAR;

elfbar vape code
ELF BAR Vape Authentication Code
  • ELF BAR Vape product safety design:
  1. Anti-peel stickers
  2. Anti-counterfeiting pattern
  3. Fluorescent ink
  4. Holographic Laser Line
  5. Microtech
  6. Security code
  • Method 1: Input Validation 

Go to the official website of Genie Bar and enter the security code manually. (The security code is located directly below the QR code on the physical sticker)

  • Method 2: Contact customer certification

Contact the customer who purchased the store to provide proof of authenticity, such as a product authorization letter, product certification, etc.

  • Method 3: Scan and verify
  1. Locate the safety label on the outside of the package.
  2. Use your smartphone camera to scan the QR code on the anti-counterfeiting label. Please turn on your phone’s camera and point it directly at the QR code. A hyperlink will appear on your phone screen. Clicking on this hyperlink will take you to the verification page.
  3. If your sprite bar is real, you should see the following text: “The security code you queried is correct.” However, if the website displays the following: “Sorry, the security code is invalid, please check Your input and resubmit.” – Then your device is fake.

What should I do if I buy a fake ELFBAR Vape?

First, stop using the device immediately. And no more purchases; try to contact the customer for refund processing.

Then can be contacted, and they will track down the alleged counterfeiter. It helps your fellow vapes and fights off those vape bootleggers.

*If you feel unwell after using a device determined to be counterfeit, please consult your physician. Save your device, just in case.

ELFBAR Australia Near Me

Purchasing genuine ELFBAR vape products is essential to your safety and satisfaction. When you buy a counterfeit product, you are not only wasting money but also putting yourself at risk of using an inferior e-cigarette that could harm you.

To avoid this situation, ELF BAR Australia is an online store exclusively serving Australia, where you can get authentic products of high quality. And it includes a genuine guarantee and exclusive after-sales service to solve all your Vaping problems.

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