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This is an ELF BAR online store dedicated to the Australian market

About ELF BAR Vape Online Shop

At ELF BAR Australia, we aim to keep our customers informed of all information and hazards so they can make the best decisions. And to put our customers at the centre of everything we do.

We want everyone to have the safest and most enjoyable vape experience possible, so we sell authentic, quality products sourced directly from the brands.

About ELF BAR Buy

We are ensuring the authenticity of the product.

Their packaging can also identify the authenticity of Elf Sticks. Bar code.

One sign that you are holding a fake e-cigarette may be the barcode on the box. On Elf Bar products, a relatively simple single EAN barcode is located on the side of the box next to the hologram sticker.

We are committed to your health!

Various problems are often found in counterfeit devices, including tank leaks, battery failure, the production of a dry-burn smell, and e-liquid quality. These issues pose a risk to customers and consumers, and we do not recommend any vaper take the risk.

That’s why our company is committed to quality and originality, so you’ll only find 100% genuine Genie Sticks in our products.

We strongly support the Lighthouse Guardian Program!

As ELFBAR continues to grow, we are committed to protecting minors and guarding the health and safety of our youth.

To this end, the purchase and use of Elf Bar products by minors is strictly prohibited on our website.