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ELFBAR vape has become the leading brand in the rechargeable vapor market. Discover ELFBARs are known for being rechargeable and large Puffs to use.
ELFBAR Australia offers the best e-cigarette products and services – a trustworthy brand. Our range includes the rechargeable BC3000 Puffs and TE5000 Puffs and the ultra-popular Lowit 5500 Puffs, featuring both refillable and rechargeable devices. elfbaraustralia.com offer real reviews, competitive pricing, and the highest quality ELF products. Don’t wait – place your order now and get free shipping on orders over $100.
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3000-5500 Puffs



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Elf Bar Rechargeable Instructions

  • Prepare a USB-C charging cable and a power supply device (rechargeable battery or computer, etc.).
  • Check that the device has a port on the bottom.
  • Plug the charging cable into this port.
  • A successful connection means the device starts charging.

Elfbar disposable vape should be recharged every 2-3 days of use.

It takes about 30 min to 1 hour. If you feel inadequate, do not exceed two hours.

If you notice that the indicator light on the Elf Bar Disposable vape does not light up when you connect the device to the power supply, the device is not charging.

  1. Confirm that there are no serious problems with your use, such as missing parts or oil leaks
  2. Make sure you are buying a genuine product
  3. Ensure the correct charging method
  4. Make sure the charging port is clean
  5. Try a different cable

Be sure to disconnect it from the charger immediately. Overheating may be a problem with the device or the charging process.
Choosing the right USB cable and power supply is essential for charging your ELFBar Vape safely and efficiently.

If your Elf Bar is flashing, it needs to be charged.

ElfBar Charger Details

ELFBAR VapeCharging PortCharging timeBatteryPuffs
ELFBAR BC3000Type-C30 min to 1 hour650mAh3000
ELFBAR TE5000USB30 min to 1 hour550mAh5000
ELFBAR Lowit DeviceType-C30 min to 1 hour500mAh5500

ElfBar Disposable Vape

No, Elf bar Vape also has pre-charged products, ELF BAR BC3000, TE5000 and  Lowit 5500 are rechargeable. Elfbar 2500 Puffs cannot be charged.

The Elfbar pod system refers to the Elf Bar Lowit 5500 Puffs, a refillable and rechargeable e-cigarette.
Designed to reduce the waste associated with traditional disposable pipes, this device uses a separate rechargeable battery and disposable pre-filled pods, allowing vapers to enjoy the same great taste with a smaller environmental impact.

  • The ELFBAR BC3000 has 5% nicotine level.
  • The ELFBAR TE5000 has 5% nicotine level.
  • The ELFBAR Lowit 55000 has 5% nicotine level.

Here at ElfbarAustralia.com, you can get the most popular ELFBAR!

Elfbar has all the features one would expect to see in a disposable VAPE. It is portable, easy to use, rechargeable, and has a large selection of flavours.

Latest Review Of ElfBars Disposable Vape

elf bar review elf bar lowit 5500 puffs

J Brett

I love it!Can be refilled is the best design.

Signe Chis

Fast delivey, I got it on the 3rd day
elf bar review elf bar bc3000


Love that they can recharge and the flavour is great

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