ELF Bar Bundles

Elf Bar bundle offers up to 20% off and free shipping! Double discounts on Australia’s newest and most popular Elf Bars, such as the ELFBAR BC3000, CR5000, TE6000, etc.

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FAQ About Elf Bar Bundle

The Elf Bar mystery box contains 10 disposable vapes.

The collection you may get includes IGET (XXL, MEGA, KING, BAR, LEGEND, GOAT, B5000), HQD (KING, CUVIE AIR, XXL, HBAR), ELF BAR(TE5000), GUNNPOD 2000 PUFFS.

At Elf Bar Australia, a pack contains roughly 3 to 10 Elf Bars, depending on your selection.

There is also an approximate 10% discount for bulk buying.

In our store, an Elf Bar box containing 5 to 10 Elf Bars is available at a 20% discount.

An Elf Bar box of 10 contains 10 pcs Elfbars .

The price range for a whole pack of Elf Bar is $34.80 – $299.00.

Prices vary for different collections and different quantities of Elf Bar bundles.

Yes, you can. We offer Elf Bar wholesale service.