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How Long Does ELFBAR Last?

We always get questions about how long our devices will last. The popularity of this easy-to-use disposable device has risen dramatically in recent years, but many users still need to learn about its lifespan.

What is certain is that these few factors are relevant: the number of e-cigarettes smoked per day, the depth and frequency of vaping, the amount of vaping contained in the disposable vapes itself and the e-cigarette oil.

This blog post will answer all your questions about the Elf Stick’s battery life and vapour capacity. So please sit back, relax and let’s dive into everything you need to know about the longevity of this beloved vaping device.

how long does elfabr last

How long does ELFBAR last?

The ELFBAR Vape will determine the length of time it can be used based on the number of puffs. This means that the more puffs you take, the longer it will last. But too many other factors come into play to influence the duration of use, so let’s take a quick look.

1. Depth of vaping: Heavy smokers prefer deeper and longer inhalations so that a puff will last several times longer than the average smoker.

2. Frequency of use: Many customers use around 100 puffs a day, while most e-cigarettes with more than 3000 puffs will last around 7-8 days. However, if you exceed this frequency, your usage time will be reduced.

3. Proper storage: don’t leave it too hot or too cold, and don’t leave it in the sun. Your e-liquid will evaporate with a trace.

While there is no definitive answer to the lifespan of a Genie Stick, proper use and storage practices will greatly extend its life.

ELF BAR Vape DevicePuffsBatteryE-liquidUsage Time
ElfBar BC30003000650mAh
10ml5-7 days
ElfBar TE60006000550mAh
10.3ml10-15 days
ElfBar Lowit55005500550mAh
14ml10-15 days

How long will the Elf Bar battery last?

The ELFBAR will flash when it runs out of power or vape fluid, so your battery must be recharged. Please note that not all Elfbars are rechargeable.

In terms of charging time, the Genie Stick takes approximately one hour to fully charge from zero per cent.

To further extend the Genie Stick’s battery life, avoid overcharging or exposing it to extreme temperatures (hot or cold). Knowing how long your Genie Stick battery lasts will help you plan your charging schedule accordingly and ensure uninterrupted vaping enjoyment!

How can you tell if your Elf Bar’s battery is drained or empty?

One way to tell if the battery in your ELFBAR vape is low is to check the LED light on the bottom of the device. If the light flashes continuously, the battery is low and must be recharged. You may also notice that the flavour output could be stronger on some models.

Another sign that your ELFBAR battery may be low is if there is no puff when you vape. This may indicate that there is not enough power in the device to heat up and produce vapour.

It is always a good idea to watch how often you use your ELFBAR vape during the day, especially if you like to vape for long periods or use it frequently. This will help you predict when your battery may need to be recharged.


Having examined the lifespan of the ELFBAR, several factors must be considered. Battery life and the amount of e-liquid in each device will vary depending on usage patterns and overall care.

Elf Bars are designed to be used once and thrown away after use to help manage your e-cigarette experience. It is perfect for those who are always on the go.

But with the relatively low price of Elf Bars at ELFBAR Australia, using a disposable vape is a breeze. Buying disposable vapes from a reputable shop is also in your best interest.