Elf Bar Disposable Vape

ELFBAR Disposable Vapes, pre-filled and ready-to-use, are ideal for beginners and those seeking convenience. They offer various flavours in a small, portable design, providing an easy alternative to traditional smoking.

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Compact and lightweight


Less money for more puffs

Pre-filled Flavours

A variety of options

Built-In Batteries

No need to replace

ELFBAR Disposable Vapes Flavour


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FAQ About ELFBAR Disposable Vapes

Elfbar is dedicated to offering a safe and smart e-cigarette experience, using food-grade materials. However, overuse of e-cigarettes can lead to negative impacts, so we encourage moderate use.

You can purchase ELFBAR products from ELFBAR Australia. We provide a variety of Elfbar vapes and offer free shipping on Elfbar bundle purchases.

  • Elf Bar CR5000
  • Elf Bar TE6000
  • Elf Bar BC3000
  • Elf Bar Lowit 5500
  • Elf Bar Lowit 8000
  • Elf Bar CR5000: $34.9 ā€“ $49.9
  • Elf Bar TE6000: $34.9 ā€“ $49.9
  • Elf Bar BC3000: $14.90 ā€“ $24.90
  • Elf Bar Lowit 5500: $24.98 ā€“ $44.98
  • Elf Bar Lowit 8000: $39.98 ā€“ $49.98

One cigarette equates to about 10 puffs, and the Elf Bar 5000 is equivalent to 500 cigarettes.

You may notice a slightly burnt taste, indicating that the liquid has run out. Additionally, the Elf Bar’s LED will flash blue or white multiple times to signify that the disposable vape is empty.