ELFBAR Lowit offers two series of pod vape, ELF BAR Lowit 5500 and ELFBAR Lowit 8000. Each Elf Bar vape comes with a free one-year after-sales service!

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How To Use ELFBAR Lowit?

How To Use ELFBAR Lowit

Steps to use:

  1. Prepare the Lowit device and prefilled pod.
  2. Connect the prefilled pod with the Lowit device.
  3. Complete ELFBAR Lowit assembly successfully.
  4. Take a inhale to start vaping.

Handpicked Elf Bar Lowit Questions

The Elfbar Lowit is a rechargeable device designed for its dedicated prefilled pod. 

When your e-liquid is depleted, conveniently swap out the pod without the need to dispose of the device.

  • ELFBAR Lowit 5500 – 5% nicotine content(50mg/ml) 
  • ELFBAR Lowit 8000 – 4% nicotine content(40mg/ml) 

When you inhale to activate the Elf Bar pod vape, the battery is activated to power the heating element. This heating element is then responsible for heating the e-liquid in the Elf Bar pod, converting it quickly into vapour.