Elfbar Lowit 8000

An upgraded Elf Bar vape from the ELFBAR Lowit 5500, the ELFBAR Lowit 8000, not only allows you to change pods and try a wide range of flavours but also offers up to 8,000 puffs! Prices are low to $24.90 per unit!

Lowit Device

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ELFBAR Lowit 5500

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Mesh Coil

Strong Vapour

Strong Throat Hit

4% nicotine content

Interchangeable Pod

Good value for money

Puffs Upgraded

Up to 8000 puffs

How To Use ELFBAR Lowit?

How To Use ELFBAR Lowit

Steps to use:

    1. Take off the silicone plug.
    2. Tear off the sticker at the bottom.
    3. Put the pod into the device and unlock it.
    4. Enjoy vaping!

Note: Draw the product five times within four seconds, and then the LED of the device will flash 3 times or 4 times, indicating it has been unlocked or locked.

FAQ About Elf Bar Lowit 8000

The ELFBAR Lowit 8000 nicotine content is 4%(40mg/ml).

ELFBAR Lowit 8000 delivers 8000 puffs to the vaper.

The ELFBAR Lowit 8000 will last approximately 15 to 18 days.

The exact time of use depends on the vaping frequency, the e-liquid capacity and other factors.

Yes, the ELFBAR Lowit 8000 is a disposable rechargeable vape.