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why is my elf bar light staying on and making noise

Why Is My Elf Bar Light Staying On And Making Noise? Answer in 5 Reasons

The Elf Bar is a disposable device with a compact and portable design that is popular among vapers. However, some users have found that sometimes the elf bar device suffers from light staying on and making noise, which has caused them a lot of trouble.

In this guide, we’ll give you five reasons “why is my elf bar light staying on and making noise”:

  • Overused: The temperature of the device is too high after overuse.
  • Defective Contact: Failure to clean up residue can result in poor contact.
  • Low or Leaking E-liquid: Low e-liquid levels or leaks can malfunction.
  • Battery Life: Battery issues will cause the light to stay on.
  • Device Damage: Malfunction if Elf Bar is damaged.

If you are a user of Elf Bar disposable vapes experiencing this problem, read this article to understand the reason behind this issue and its solution.


Elf Bar vape is a disposable vape designed to become smarter and safer. Its smart heat conduction system, precise airflow and perfect voltage match satisfy many vapers.

However, the downside of the Elf Bar is that it sometimes keeps the light on and makes noise, which wastes the device’s battery and affects the user’s experience.

In this article, we will guide you on diagnosing the cause of the elf bar light staying on and making noise, fixing the problem and helping you to avoid any confusion or obstacles that may arise during the use of the elf bar so that you can fully enjoy your vape experience.

Meaning Of The Elf Bar Light Staying On And Making Noise

light upin use
light upcharging
lights flash three timesend of charge
light staying onmalfunction
a slight tugging soundnormal for Elf Bar vaping
making noisedevice failure

When you use the Elf Bar, a light at the bottom indicates that the device is in use.

Elf Bar light staying on and making noise recharge

If the Elf Bar is unplugged at the end of charging, the indicator light at the bottom flashes three times to remind you that the charging plug is disconnected.

If the Elf Bar light automatically starts flashing during periods of non-use and cannot be stopped, this proves that the device is faulty.

When vaping the Elf Bar, there will be a slight pulling sound, which is the sound of the normal functioning of the device; however, if itโ€™s noisy, vapers must check the device for malfunctioning.

Why Is The Elf Bar Light Staying On And Making Noise?

Below, I will detail the possible causes of the Elf Bar light staying on and making noise and give you the appropriate solutions.


Elf Bar light staying on and making noise overuse

Overuse of the device by the vaper is one of the causes of the Elf Bar light staying on and making noise. Excessive vaping may cause the coil to become overheated, leading to high temperatures inside the vape and even crackling sounds.

Suppose a vaper frequently vapes over a certain period. In that case, the elf bar will stay working, and the battery charge will keep decreasing, which can lead to overuse of the vaping battery, and the indicator light at the bottom stays on.

When the vape starts working, its coils are also constantly heating up. When the vaper overuses the device, the coils of the Elf Bar don’t get a chance to cool down properly.

Elf Bar light staying on and making noise device cooling
  • Solution: Promptly stop vaping, turn the device off, leave it for 10-15 minutes to allow the vape battery to cool and reset itself, and then use it again when the device returns to its normal temperature.

Defective Contact

Elf Bar light staying on and making noise defective contact

Sometimes, vapers vape the Elf Bar too fast, causing the e-liquid to not atomize in time, resulting in small amounts of residual oil. They may adhere to the surface of the vape and the mouthpiece, leading to clogging.

Suppose the vapers do not clean them up in time. In that case, they may obstruct the smooth flow of the e-liquid to the heating element, leading to poor contact and device malfunction, which can cause problems such as the Elf Bar light staying on and making noise.

Elf Bar light staying on and making noise clean the mouthpiece

Solution: When the vape hole shows residue or is clogged, gently clean it with a cotton swab or a fine needle to ensure no foreign matter blocks it.

Low Or Leaking E-liquid

Elf Bar light staying on and making noise low or leaking liquid

Low e-liquid levels or leakage issues may cause the Elf Bar light to stay on and make noise.

Low E-liquid: Elf Bar indicators’ light blinking could be caused by low e-liquid capacity. Elf Bars come in closed packages, so vapers can’t tell how much e-liquid is in them, and dry burn conditions may occur during vaping, which can also cause damage to the vapes.

Juice is Leaking: Sometimes, vapes can leak juice, affecting devices when the e-liquid flows into the battery area. If the lights at the bottom of the Elf Bars keep blinking, the user can check for signs of leakage and clean the device accordingly.

Elf Bar light staying on and-making noise clean up liquid
  • Solution: If the e-liquid level is too low, replace the elfbar with a new one. If a leak causes the problem, you can clean it with paper towels and cotton swabs.

Problems With Batteries

Elf Bar light staying on and making noise problems with batteries

When the Elf Bar’s charge is too low, or the battery life is about to run out, it may show signs of malfunction, such as the light staying on and making noise.

Elf Bar light staying on and making noise battery
  • Solution: Please use a Type-C charger to charge your Elf Bar. If the indicator light is on, it is charging and will go off when fully charged.
  • The vaper can observe if the indicator light returns to normal. If it does not return to normal, the battery may have reached the end of its useful life. Please consider replacing or purchasing a new Elf Bar.

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Device Damage

Elf Bar light staying on and making noise damage

Dropping the Elf Bar on the ground or touching poured water can also cause it to malfunction, resulting in the light staying on and making noise.

The case of the Elf Bar is plastic in texture, which makes it fragile, and when you accidentally drop it on the floor, you can cause significant damage to the case, which can affect the internal components of the device.

If the Elf Bar comes into contact with water, it can damage the battery or atomizer coil, which can cause a short circuit and cause the device light to stay on.

Elf Bar light staying on and making noise storage
  • Solution: Please check the case for visible damage after the elf bar drops, then suck on it and test if the elf bar works properly.
  • After picking up the elf bar from the water, gently shake it to check if the water is inside the battery or in the charging port. Place the device in a dry and ventilated place and wait for the water to dry completely to see if it continues to work; if not, the device is damaged.

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How Do We Prevent Elf Bar Light On And Noise?

  1. Proper use of vapes. I recommend that vapers not use the Elf Bar for too long, staying between puffs for 10-15 seconds. If you feel that the temperature of the device is slightly high, you should stop vaping immediately and leave it to stand for five to ten minutes before using it again. Doing so will protect the coils and batteries of the vape, thus prolonging its life.
  2. Charge your vape promptly to avoid low power levels that can damage battery life. Keep the power off when storing to prevent power consumption and help extend the life of your vape.
  3. Keep the Elf Bar in a cool, dry place and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity to protect the device’s circuit boards and electronic components.
  4. The Elf Bar’s casing is fragile, so access and use it carefully and avoid dropping it on the floor or bumping it against other objects, as this may cause the internal components to become dislodged.

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You can determine “why is your Elf Bar light staying on and making noise” by analyzing the Elf Bar for overuse, defective contact, e-liquid leakage, battery status, and damage to the device and determining if your Elf Bar is working properly.

The Elf Bar disposable vape is a convenient and popular option for vape enthusiasts. However, it can occasionally run into problems. If your vape is not hitting but lighting up, follow the steps above for possible fixes.

If these steps don’t help, you can visit Elf Bar Online Shop to purchase a new vape that will allow you to continue enjoying an enjoyable vaping experience.


Why does my vape light stay on after hitting it?

Battery Issue: A low or faulty battery may prevent the light from switching off.

Device failure: A defective component within the device may be the cause.

Activation Sensor: A faulty sensor that detects suction may keep the light on.