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How Much Nicotine Is In An Elf Bar BC5000 Vs In A Cigarette?

How much nicotine does Elf Bar BC5000 contain compared to cigarettes? Which of the two contains more nicotine?

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Len Gorrio
Len Gorrio

Avid e-cigarette enthusiast | Three years of e-cigarette vaping experience

The ELFBAR BC5000 Vape contains approximately 3.25 times more nicotine than a cigarette.

This is because the Elf bar BC5000 has a nicotine content of 50mg/ml and an e-liquid capacity of 13 ml. In total, the device contains 650mg of nicotine.

Comparatively, an individual cigarette holds 10mg of nicotine, and since a pack consists of 20 cigarettes, the total nicotine content in a pack of cigarettes is approximately 200mg.

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