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ELFBAR Global Anti-Counterfeiting Declaration

As an agent of Elf Bar, we are committed to keeping vapers updated on all the latest news about Elf Bar, caring for and defending your rights.

Today, we are going to discuss the ELFBAR global anti-counterfeiting declaration.

Since the launch of the counterfeiting operation in 2021, Elf Bar officials have cracked down on more than 120 counterfeiting and sales targets, including factories, warehouses, logistics, and foreign trade companies, and have seized more than 2 million pieces of counterfeit ELFBAR finished products, millions of packaging boxes, anti-counterfeit codes, semi-finished vaping pipes and other accessories.

Fake And Real Elfbar Production

Recently, videos of the production process in the counterfeit factory have been reproduced on social media, which include vaping footage and the making of counterfeit products.

Not only is this a completely misleading presentation for customers, but it also greatly affects ELFBAR’s external reputation, as the unscrupulous merchants who make counterfeit and substandard products have no regard for product safety or consumer safety, and the factory environment is very harsh and dirty.

In response, Elf Bar officials have asked the posters and TikTok to remove such false information and reserve the right to take legal action to defend ELFBAR’s reputation.

At the same time, Elfbar officials are cracking down on the illegal vape market and are building up an intelligence dossier on fake products.

In an effort to better combat counterfeit vapes and help retailers and consumers realize the threat posed by counterfeit manufacturers, ELFBAR officials have begun hosting events.

During the event, ELFBAR released videos about the product manufacturing process and how consumers can recognize counterfeit products so that consumers and retailers can better understand ELFBAR products and prevent falling into the trap of counterfeit products.

The Elf Bar supplier has clarified that the fight against counterfeits is its top priority and will maintain a zero-tolerance approach to counterfeit vapes across the industry.

ElfBar provides a way to report counterfeit products, and if you find any ElfBar counterfeits, you can contact them via email at [email protected].

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