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UK Sales And Marketing Principles

Many vape enthusiasts are curious about the latest developments regarding the Elf Bar, and today, we will discuss that ELFBAR embraces UK sales and marketing principles.

ELFBAR supplier is highly supportive of discouraging youth access to vape products. In an effort to reduce youth access to the marketing and promotion of vape products, ELFBAR has embraced the UK’s sales and marketing principles.

At the same time, however, ELFBAR goes to great lengths to ensure that adult vapers have equal access to vape products and related information.

To this end, ELFBAR has adopted the following core principles:

  1. Our products are intended as a nicotine alternative to cigarettes for adult smokers only.
  2. Our products should not be marketed to anyone who is under 18 years of age.
  3. Our products should not be sold to or used by anyone who is not at least 18 years of age.

(From ELFBAR official)

ELFBAR Marketing Standards

ELFBAR has set marketing standards, and the marketing of all ELFBAR products is governed by the following standards:

  1. Products shall not be marketed through the use of cartoons, cartoon imagery, anime or other designs that are attractive to young people or associated with youth culture.
  2. Products shall not be marketed in any way that mimics trademarks, trade dress or branding of other products that are commonly marketed to young people or associated with youth culture. 
  3. While our advertising may encourage people to switch away from cigarettes, our products shall not be marketed as a smoking cessation device. 
  4. Products shall not be marketed as providing a therapeutic benefit, as being safe or healthy for consumers, or as products which do not produce secondhand health effects. 
  5. Product labels shall accurately reflect the ingredients contained in each product and marketing communications shall clearly state if the product contains nicotine. 
  6. Our marketing shall be directed towards those who are current users of cigarettes and should not be designed to encourage non-smokers to start using vaping products. 
  7. No health professionals shall be used in any marketing to endorse, either directly or indirectly, our products. 
  8. Spokespeople and individuals (including influencers) used in any marketing or advertising must appear to be at least 25 years of age. 
  9. Any print advertisements shall be responsibly restricted to channels and publications for which the demographic is adult (21+). 
  10. Any event marketing or sponsorship shall be responsibly restricted to events for which the demographic is adult (18+). 
  11. Any outdoor advertisements (including digital outdoor advertisements, but excluding mobile advertisements, e.g., on transport) shall be physically located at least 300 metres from any primary or secondary school, youth-oriented facility, or childcare facility. 
  12. Except for media targeted exclusively to the trade, marketing communications with the direct or indirect effect of promoting [nicotine-containing e-cigarettes and their components ELFBAR products[which are not licensed as medicines] are not permitted in the following media:
    • A. Newspapers, magazines and periodicals
    • B. Online media and some other forms of electronic media
  13.  Follow the enforcement notice by Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP), we do not place – or incentivise third parties to place – content on TikTok relating to vaping products and their components which are labelled as “paid partnership” or “#ad”. 
  14. Advertising which has the direct or indirect effect of promoting unlicenced vaping products and their components should not appear on a public TikTok account, in either ‘paid for’ or ‘non-paid for’ space. We understand this is also a violation of TikTok’s branded content policy and community guidelines. 

Preventing Child Access To Vaping Products

ELF BAR takes a strongly supportive stance on preventing youth access to vape products:

  1. ELFBAR expects compliance by all those selling tobacco and vaping products with the age restrictions embodied in national laws.
  2. ELFBAR fully supports compliance with the child resistant packaging requirements for ELFBAR’s products.
  3. ELFBAR fully supports laws that impose penalties on retailers or others who sell vaping products to children and on children who are found in possession of vaping products.
  4. All vape shops and other retailers of ELFBAR products should implement strict underage policies requiring that their employees ask for identification of anyone who appears under the age of 25.
  5. ELFBAR encourages all retailers who specialise in selling e-cigarettes and other tobacco products to either prevent children from entering or ask children unaccompanied by an adult to leave their store immediately.
  6. ELFBAR encourages retailers to display warning signs stating either that (a) Unaccompanied Children Are Not Allowed on Premises or (b) Vaping Products are Not for Sale to Children or (c) Underage Sale Prohibited.
  7. ELFBAR does offer the online purchase of its products and should be restricted to adults through either direct verification of appropriate approved photo ID upon delivery of product or through the use of age verification technologies provided by independent third party agencies using public records databases.
  8. ELFBAR packaging and marketing materials for vaping products must contain a warning which indicates that such products are “It is forbidden to sell this product to children” or comparable language whether or not required by law.
  9. ELFBAR do not sell any disposable products with more than 2ml e-liquid.

Elf Bar Australia is committed to providing authentic ELFBAR products for the ultimate vaping experience and buying service for adult vapers.

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