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ELFBAR Joins Forces With UK Recycler

We’ve been working hard to bring you the latest news from ELFBAR. Recently, ELFBAR’s hot topics have been the recycling of discarded vapes and environmental sustainability.

Elf Bar has been following the changes and developments in the environmental regulatory landscape and is actively involved in sustainable practices. Since 2022, ELFBAR has been working closely with the European Recycling Platform (ERP) and has successfully registered in the UK under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations.

Earlier this year, ELFBAR supplier launched the GreenPowercycle recycling program with Recover, one of the UK’s most reputable lithium recycling companies, to ensure that all components of vapes go through a rigorous dismantling and recycling process and to stand firm in its commitment to the environment.

Recover utilizes low-carbon vehicles that meet Euro 6 standards to collect and transport waste devices from retail stores and deliver the devices to an Authorized Approved Treatment Facility (AATF) certified organization for final and complete dismantling and recycling.

Recover CEO John Dorman said the comprehensive recycling process has successfully converted all components, including plastics and metals from discarded devices, into reusable secondary raw materials. This initiative makes ELFBAR the first vape manufacturer to achieve this goal.

ELFBAR Greenpowe Cycle Recycling Program

A growing number of vape retail partners have also joined the GreenPowercycle program, including several retailers such as MyCigara, Evapo and Tidal Vape, and it is expected that the program will soon be expanded to more retail chains as well. They are installing dedicated ELFBAR product recycling bins in their retail stores, making it easier for consumers to dispose of discarded products.

Priya Liu, ELFBAR’s ESG director, explains that the company has integrated environmental stewardship into all aspects of its business, from research and development to business operations. At the same time, ELFBAR will continue to evolve its recycling program to achieve its goal of zero waste diversion to landfills. By 2025, ELFBAR will aim to establish a mature, detachable, reusable and fully circular recycling system, thus realizing closed-loop sustainability.

Since last year, ELFBAR has been active in a number of countries outside of the UK with environmental programs and recycling initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable development and environmental practices. These countries include Ireland, Romania, and Cyprus, where more than 3000 stores already offer recycling services.

ELFBAR’s recycling program marks substantial progress in fulfilling its environmental responsibilities. ELFBAR is also contributing to the cause of environmental protection by partnering with GreenAwareness, a brand dedicated to the environment, to promote sustainable development and take an active interest in global environmental issues.

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ELFBAR Joins Forces With UK Recycler

ELFBAR Joins Forces With UK Recycler

Elf Bar has joined forces with UK recyclers to reduce the generation of e-waste through total recycling, enhancing global sustainable practices and development.