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ELFBAR Participates In The British Stoptober Campaign: 1000 Smokers Successfully Quit

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Today, we will discuss the ELFBAR’s participation in the British Stoptober campaign.

Stoptober, a national smoking cessation campaign that has been running in the UK for 11 years, aims to help thousands of adult British smokers quit in October. This is because studies have shown that smokers are five times more likely to quit if they can remain smoke-free for at least 28 days!

ELFBAR, the UK’s best-selling vape brand and leading manufacturer of disposable vapes, has responded positively to the Stoptober campaign. ELFBAR has partnered with 20 retail outlets across the UK and is committed to enabling 1,000 adult smokers nationwide to give up the equivalent of 50,000 cigarettes during the Stoptober campaign.

To that end, ELFBAR supplier is distributing the CIGALIKE vape free of charge to the first 1,000 smokers across the UK who pledge to quit smoking traditional cigarettes in October, with the goal of helping smokers quit in a way that mimics traditional cigarettes.

According to ELFBAR’s product information, CIGALIKE provides vapers with approximately 400 puffs, the equivalent of 50 cigarettes.

ELFBAR Participates In The British Stoptober Campaign

Mandeep Singh Kohli, the owner of one of the 20 retail outlets participating in the Stoptober campaign, said data from Public Health England illustrates that vapes are at least 95% less harmful than smoking, and ELFBAR has helped thousands of ex-smokers switch to vapes and has become the UK’s leading vape brand.

Victor XIAO, CEO of ELFBAR, spoke highly of the Stoptober campaign as it encourages smokers to quit smoking cigarettes through vapes, which is in line with the NHS, which considers vapes to be one of the most effective ways to quit smoking. Victor XIAO also encourages vape brands like ELFBAR to establish close cooperation with retail to deliver these messages to adult smokers, giving the entire vape industry a role to play.

The NHS also strongly supports the Stoptober campaign, stating on its promotional website that around two-thirds of vapers have successfully quit smoking by switching to vapes.

There are still around 6 million smokers in England, and the existence of campaigns like Stoptober is still very relevant to help raise awareness of alternatives to smoking. Elf Bar is also more than happy to help adult smokers switch to vaping as a smoking cessation solution.

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